Trained as a photojournalist, Philippe Bossé has more than 30 years of experience in the Film and Television Production Industry. Based in Montreal, member of both IATSE and AQTIS Unions, Philippe also works as a local in Toronto and Ottawa. Here's what people have to say about his work:

“Philippe Bosse is extremely dependable and highly respected. I can always count on him to not only
achieve what has been requested but to seek out and create incredible photo opportunities.
He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with."

Natalie Thomson, Photo and Visual Communications
Disney ABC Television Group
(818) 460-7106


" Philippe Bosse works quickly, quietly and confidently. His pleasant personality puts the actors and the crews at ease. We are always delighted with his stills."

Betty Palik, Director of Communications,
Muse Entertainment (514) 866-6873


" Philippe understands that as photo editors we need a mixture of both posed and action shots of the actors. Sometimes difficult to obtain, He is very successful in delivering these kinds of photos."

Bill Rempe, Photo Editor
"Secrets of the Mountain"


" Philippe has a distinctive style that highlights performance, lighting and composition. 
I can’t think of a photographer that I feel more comfortable to have at my side."

Christian Duguay, Director
"Human Trafficking" 


" Philippe’s photographs always manage to convey exactly the energy and emotion of the scene. He has an amazing eye, catching the actors in the precise moment and in the precise light."

Stuart Gillard, Director
"Wargames : The Dead Code"


" We have been working with Philippe Bossé for many years. His discretion on set is remarkable.  
It's truly a pleasure working with Philippe."

Luc Vandal, Producer
Max Films (514) 282-8444 ext. 224


" Philippe Bosse is a pleasure to work with. He understands that it is important to do whatever is necessary to get the shot ! 
Philippe listens to client direction and encourages feedback." 
We have been very happy with the photos that he has shot for USA Network."

Elisabeth Sinsabaugh, Head of NY Photo Department,


" Philippe often takes the photographs a step further than what you would expect. Quality work in a discreet, quick and efficient manner-with wonderful surprises."

Michel Chauvin, Line Producer
"Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis" / CBS 


" Philippe brings a freshness to his work, combined with the utmost of experience and professionalism. What a fabulous combination ! "

Irene Litinsky, Head of Productions (Montreal)  
Muse Entertainment (514) 932-2580